One of the big draws of any new Elder Scrolls game is just where in the huge landmass of Tamriel it’s going to be set. We’ve had Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Morrowind, High Rock, Solstheim, and Hammerfell, to name but a few, but where will the recently announced The Elder Scrolls VI be set?

Bethesda was, unsurprisingly, very coy about the new Elder Scrolls game when it was announced. In fact, they probably had to be, because, from the sounds of it, work on the game has barely even begun. All we found out was that pre-production of The Elder Scrolls VI had begun, and they also had a work-in-progress logo.

Now though, Todd Howard, director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, has revealed that the Elder Scrolls 6’s region has been officially decided.

Speaking at Spanish conference Gamelab, Howard told Eurogamer that "Yes," Bethesda picked the location of The Elder Scrolls VI "a while ago".

The big question now is, which is it? According to Howard, he reckons fans can probably tell roughly what area it is from the teaser trailer alone. "I obviously would say yes," he continued. "You can rule some things out. And you can rule some things in.”

Bethesda knows where Elder Scrolls 6 is set then, although we sadly don’t. It could be just about anywhere, although looking at the footage the possibilities include Elsweyr, the land of the Khajit, Valenwood, where the wood elves call home, or possibly a return to either Hammerfell or High Rock.

Based on the teaser trailer and your knowledge of Tamriel, where do you think that Elder Scrolls VI is going to be set? Are we thinking too small, could it perhaps even be the whole of Tamriel? Get your thinking caps on and share your ideas below!