We’ve heard the rumours swirling of a Google game platform for a good while now, but Kotaku has chipped in with alleged insider information suggesting that Google is lining up a direct competitor to PlayStation and Xbox.

Numerous sources have alleged that Google is attempting to crack the gaming market on three fronts - with a streaming platform; a dedicated console, and bringing developers onboard through “aggressive recruiting or even major acquisitions.” Lovely.

The cloud streaming service sounds as if it’s along the lines of the previously leaked project codenamed ‘Yeti’. The bigger competitor to Xbox and PlayStation would be an actual hardware box that sits under the telly though, and it sounds as if Google has one of those coming too.

The key concern for Google and the customer base from the get-go would, of course, be content. Google doesn’t really make games, and it hasn’t exactly invested a great deal into making the Google Play Store a great place to find and play games. Unless you like glorified slot machines and knock-offs, then it’s all probably fantastically entertaining.

The important thing with Google though is that they have access to obscene amounts of cash. If Google wants to buy up developers and publishers, it absolutely can. When, or if, this Google console gets announced, it’s almost assuredly going to be hugely disruptive to the games industry.

I can’t really think of a company that I’d have less faith in to provide solid support to a console though. You only have to take a look at any of Google’s numerous services to get the picture here. They’d be happy to sit back and let the market run riot. I mean, why would they care as long as they’re making money, right? Google also has a patchy record for long-term support, and they’re definitely the sorts to drop a product the instant things look like they’re going south.

While we can level criticisms about what Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo do at times, there is the feeling that the latter two, at least, are incredibly dedicated to the games industry. They want to make quality products and there’s no hint whatsoever that they would abandon it. Heck, Nintendo brought out top quality games for the Wii U for four years. History tells us that Google would be happy to sit there and just rake in the cash from loot boxes and other in-game purchases, with little overall control on the matter. I mean, let’s be honest here, can you ever imagine a first-party Google game being anything other than an absolute cash-grab?

What are your thoughts, can you see Google cracking the home gaming market?   Do you trust them to make a solid product, or are you instinctively wary? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Kotaku