With the recent news that the Microsoft’s Halo TV series has legitimately been greenlit by cable network Showtime, we figured it was about time to have a ponder about which other videogame franchises would make for fantastic TV shows.

I’m deadly serious about Halo as well. A total of 10 episodes of the show have been ordered by Showtime, who have claimed it’s the network’s “most ambitious series ever.” Halo will be “an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant. Halo will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future". Hopefully, they can do a heck of a lot than 343 Industries has been doing.

Anyway, I’m wittering on about Halo when the real matter at hand is what else could be perfect for binge viewing. The main obstacle we face is that videogame stories have a tendency to, well, suck, but it hasn’t stopped Halo so I don’t think we should be afraid of dreaming big. Get these videogame worlds and plots into the hands of TV scriptwriters and who knows, maybe wonders could happen.

I’ll get things going with a few of my choices, but then I’ll hand it over you lot and you can let your ideas run wild.

For mine, I’m not really going to go with what are necessarily the best game stories ever, but more the worlds that I believe could coax out an engaging multi-season TV series. The first is obviously Super Mario Bros… Nah, I’m kidding. Sort of. We don’t need to live through any more aborted attempts at that. No, my first choice would probably be Life is Strange. Just like the game, it could be an anthology in the vein of American Horror Story, with each season tackling a weird and wonderful tale. This gives the creators pretty much free rein to do whatever the heck they want, although I’d probably prefer something a little less teen-focused.

The second, and this is a stone-cold hit and I won’t be told otherwise - Yakuza. It’s just perfect. A hard-boiled crime drama stretching from the 80’s up to the modern day, absolutely loaded with slow-motion yelling scenes and proper kung-fu off every week. Just to keep it lighthearted there’ll be occasional sojourns into karaoke bars or a one-off episode where the gang goes bowling. Sign on the dotted line, Sega.

That’s mine, but what about yours? Which games do you think could form the perfect basis for a sprawling TV series?

Our Favorite Comments
"I believe the Metro games could work as a series or a feature film even."
"Definitely Starcraft would be great"
tzzsmk -
"Fallout or possibly the elder scrolls."
"Devil May Cry"