Things really went a bit nuts in Fortnite yesterday during a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it special event. During the past few weeks, there’s been a countdown that’s been intermittently appearing on television sets around Fortnite: Battle Royale’s map. That countdown ended yesterday and the servers jammed up as fans queued to find out just what it all means.

The special event itself last just a few short minutes, but players were rewarded with the quite the light show. It’s all part of a loose storyline that’s beginning to form in regard’s to Fortnite’s lore, and it was a big moment that felt as if it could be shaping the future of Epic’s game once more.

First of all, an hour before the event, the supervillain lair in Snobby Shores began to kick into action. Then at about 1:30pm ET, a gigantic rocket launched into the sky in the sky, blazing across the horizon. Various pods dropped to land and several explosions occurred. The rocket started blazing towards the notorious Tilted Towers before teleporting to another location. After this, it then smashed into the atmosphere and caused a rift in the sky which is still there today.

No one knows quite what’s just happened yet. It appears a villain attempted to lauch a rocket and destroy Tilted Towers, but then something got involved and diverted the rocket to a different location, potentially with cataclysmic consequences.

It’s all theory-making and pondering over on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit for now, but Epic is continuing to tease big things for Fortnite’s next season, which kicks off in a couple of weeks.

Was anyone there to witness the spectacular one-off event? What does it all mean?