Turtle Rock Studios, they of Left 4 Dead and, er, Evolve fame, are currently hiring for developers to help work on an unannounced AAA game from a “globally-known franchise”. Ahem.

Picked up by ResetEra user Slicer Dyster, Turtle Rock Studios has a lot of job roles open, 17 in total, covering such roles as animators, character concepts, environment artists and a senior level designer.

As ever with these job roles, the details are a little sketchy. What we can pick out though is that this unannounced AAA project is most likely a first-person shooter. Applicants must be familiar with working with “modern FPS engines” and must also “demonstrate experience working on competitive FPSs”. The senior level designer must have “experience with AAA first-person action titles.”

Naturally, this has all set minds racing as to what it could all mean. The most optimistic folks could even jump aboard the Left 4 Dead 3 hype train, although this seems an unlikely scenario considering how Turtle Rock’s last relationship with Valve went south back in 2009.

Just to throw another curveball into the mix, Turtle Rock announced back in 2016 that it was working on a dark fantasy co-op FPS that is set to be published by Perfect World Entertainment. We’ve got no idea if these projects are in any way linked, or indeed whether Turtle Rock has the capacity to develop two big-budget titles simultaneously.

Get your thinking caps on then, what do you think Turtle Rock Studios could be cooking up next? Can you envision Valve drafting in Turtle Rock yet again to help with Left 4 Dead 3, or are they working on something else entirely?