Shenmue I and II HD Remasters Available for Pre-Load, Out in August on PC and Consoles

Written by Stuart Thomas on Tue, Jul 3, 2018 11:33 AM
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Over on the official Microsoft Store, that dreaded place where PC gamers can pick up Windows 10 games, Sega has listed Shenmue I & II HD Collection as releasing on August 21st, 2018.

The bundle of both classic adventure games previously had a vague ‘2018’ date, but it looks as if Sega is gearing up to announce a firm release date for PC and consoles. It’ll be the first time the Shenmue games have ever come to PC and PlayStation.

As you can see in the image below, Shenmue I & II is available to pre-order right now from the Microsoft Store, with a release date on Tuesday, August 21st, 2019 and priced at $29.99 / £24.99.

Interestingly, Shenmue I & II HD are also available for preload on Xbox One, a full seven weeks or so before the game actually launches.

Should the Shenmue games have totally passed you by, they are adventure games set in Japan and Hong Kong, blending in elements of jujitsu combat, the birth of the quick time event, and immersive, interactive towns with full day/night cycles and weather changes. They’re the sort of games that value immersion over fun factor, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. For example, you’ll be waiting around at the bus stop until a specific time to catch a bus to a nearby town, or the person you’re looking for in your investigations will head grocery shopping on Sundays but go straight to work on Monday.

The Shenmue HD remasters include updated visuals with high-resolution support, although for the most part, they’re looking very faithful to the originals.

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admin approved badge
22:58 Jul-03-2018

Is there or will there be a GOG edition ?!

00:57 Jul-04-2018

I hope so. At least it showed up on Steam as well. Oh, crud Denuvo.

22:49 Jul-03-2018

Its seem like a great game, ive heard a lot of good things about it.

12:11 Jul-03-2018

Is that a record for the longest pre-load time..?

15:09 Jul-03-2018

it's probably up there


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