We’ve all beaten games and seen the credits roll. In this day and age, developers are increasingly keen to make finishing a game the standard, rather than a mythical goal designed for that small subset of players that have the tenaciousness of a particularly irritating fly. In the same way that movie directors want you to sit to the end of the movie and books are written in an effort to keep you turning until the last page, so too are games designed as entertainment rather than pure challenge.

It’s not necessarily that games have become easier. Not entirely anyway. Instead, checkpoints are much more generous and there’s a general unwillingness to make players repeat content in order to succeed.

Despite these concessions to the modern gamer though, there are the occasional games that can still best us. The games that beat us rather than us beating them. You know the ones I mean. That rock-hard boss that you just couldn’t get past or that race around Silverstone that dumped you in second place no matter how hard you try. Somes, just sometimes, a game tears you down no matter you throw at it. The games where you say enough’s enough, cut your losses and move onto something else.

So this is a sort of mutual aid fellowship. A little place where we can come together and admit to our struggles, the moments where games kicked us to the curb and made us look like downright amateurs.

I’ll get things going with mine. In truth, there haven’t been a great deal lately that have massively troubled me. A section in the first act of Pillars of Eternity nearly had me beaten, an early boss fight against a king, but after a few evenings (!) woth of attempts, I finally managed to struggle through.

For me, the biggest game I bounced off recently due to struggling with it was Don’t Starve. The inherent repetition found in a roguelike really gets me down, and I’ve got an unwillingness to learn if I just keep getting smacked around and have to start over again. And again. And again. Give me Bloodborne over that any day. I cannot fathom how people manage to keep butting their head against roguelikes, even those with distinct endings. They are their own peculiar brand of masochism.

Alright then, time to be honest, which games have been really struggling to beat recently? Have you got any modern examples of games which you found just too damn difficult? Get it off your chest in the comments below!

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