It’s been out for a good month now, but having recently booted up the game I realised Dontnod has dropped the first patch for Vampyr, its narrative-driven RPG set on the streets of plague-ridden London.

The big features added in the first patch includes the option to have walk (as opposed to running) as a held or toggled input. Good news for those who want to wander around and soak up the dread-fuelled vibes.

Aside from this, it’s a varying list of fixes and tweaks for PC players. A few of them seem to be related to tidying up keyboard and mouse controls, support for which was pretty poor at launch. Switching targets can now be achieved by scrolling the mouse wheel and the inventory system has been improved.

Vampyr First Patch Release Notes

New Features:

  • Walk can now be used as a held input or a toggled input.
  • The Recovering Icon is now properly displayed when a citizen is healing


  • Switching targets can now be done with the mouse wheel.
  • During the cutscene between Dorothy and Darius, Dorothy will now properly be shown. A new playthrough is needed for this.
  • Fixed an issue where Sean Hampton was stuck in a chair while reloading during certain dialogues.
  • Fixed an issue where spoiler characters would incorrectly spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where Tom Watts’s sidequest would be blocked while performing a medical checkup mid-choice
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to escape the map in Southwark
  • Optimised the in-game menus
  • Fixed an issue where in-game and in-menu serum icons were inverted.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to change inventory page using KB/M
  • Green flickering should no longer occur
  • Fixed an issue where Camelia’s dialogue would stay locked, even with all hints unlocked.
  • Various other fixes
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