For those who turned into Nintendo’s slightly tepid E3 2018 showcase, they were treated to a few low-key announcements as well a very in-depth look at Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Whatever your views on Smash, it was an E3 showing that was a little light on content and perhaps worrying for Nintendo Switch owners looking for something to play.

After E3, Nintendo’s share value started to decline. It wasn’t just the fans that were worried, investors have been spooked too, concerned that Nintendo doesn’t have a strong enough line-up to keep Switch sales riding high.

“Many analysts are doubting if Nintendo can achieve hardware and software sell in targets for Switch after the 2018 lineup was revealed," said Niko Partners analyst, Daniel Ahmad.

Evidently in an effort to stem the tide of negativity, soon-to-be ex-Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima, had one final meeting with Nintendo shareholders. In it, he informed investors that Nintendo has not fully revealed its 2018 software lineup just yet.

Kimishima made it clear that other games are going to be revealed and will launch before the end of the year. Nintendo will disclose the full line-up at the appropriate time, presumably meaning we can expect to see another Nintendo Direct within the next few months. Nintendo believes it's still on track to hit its target of 20 million Switches sold this fiscal year, but it's going to need a strong line-up in the back half of the year to have a hope of achieving that.

The big question now is - what could these games be? I think the smart money has to be on the much rumoured Metroid Prime Trilogy HD Remaster. Metroid Prime 4 is out in 2019 so this could be the perfect way to whet the appetite of fans as well as bring in new Metroid players to the fold.