Is is becoming customary these days, Valve has revealed the list of the bestselling games on Steam so far this year. In the absence of Steam Spy, it’s the best we’ve got, although the hard numbers are cloaked by Valve.

So, the 12 best selling games on Steam so far in 2018. These are in no particular order:

Throwing free-to-play games into the mix seems a little disingenuous, although Valve is perhaps taking into account total revenue earned rather than pure sales numbers. Still, there are some impressive showings this year. Far Cry 5 is almost certainly the bestselling game of 2018 across all platforms, but kudos to Jurassic World Evolution, Vermintide 2 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance for all having massive launches.

Aside from the F2P games, there are also a bunch of familiar faces. Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, and PUBG just absolutely refused to budget out of the top 10, even after all this time, while Civilization VI was clearly boosted by the arrival of the Rise & Fall expansion. And GTA V? Well, it keeps doing its thing. I honestly can’t think of who wants to play GTA 5 who somehow hasn’t played it yet. You must be out there, I’m sure, but what exactly is the moment you're waiting for?

Anyway, that’s the first half of the year done, although we expect this list to change dramatically once we start rolling into September. That’s when the big games start piling in as we head into the holiday season.