Fortnite Season 5 Worlds Collide Trailer And v5.0 Patch Highlights

Written by Jon Sutton on Fri, Jul 13, 2018 7:45 AM
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Ok lets get straight into Epic's cinematic Worlds Collide trailer for Fortnite Season 5. After that we will highlight some of the season v5 patch notes, which are excitingly extensive.

 Ok so you spotted that Kart right? Thats the All Terrain Kart or ATK. Well you and a bunch of squad buddies can jump into that and cruise around the new season 5 landscape. Passengers can build stuff while being driven around, which can definitely develop interesting situations during comp play, and my favourite is the idea that rear passengers can lean back (ideally at the same time) by pressing S, or back on the thumb stick, to help the ATK jump over obstacles.

A couple of other juicy Kart features are that you can use the roof of the ATK as a bounce pad, where players time their jumps to get over bigger obstacles and you can get speed boosts if you drift the ATK. So all in all if teams work together with the KArt and perfect their skills at jumping this will bring some exciting new play styles to the game.

For those of us who dont want to pay for the Battlepass to play Fortnite, there are weekly challenges to give us more to do. They are now split into two sections, one for the paying Battlepass owners and one for the free users. The first 3 challenges will be free and then the last 4 weekly challenges will be for Battle pass players. And the threshold to unlock the weekly challenge reward will remain at 4.

So players dont have to pay V-Bucks for the Fortnite battlepass if they dont want, while still getting stuff to be a part of, but in doing so they are always reminded that there is more to be had, if they did cough up the 950 V-Bucks. So that seems like a win win for both sides.

One of the big changes in season 5 is that Fortnite's progressive challenges were dependent on your season level. Which means that at the end of the season when your season level is reset your progression was lost. And that annoyed the heck out of people. Epic have now made it so that you can continue your progressive challenges beyond the season restart as they are completed by gathering a certain amount of XP rather than being tied to Season levels. People were grinding through as much as they could at the end of Season 4 to try and get their rewards before all their efforts during the season were lost.

And we have all noticed the rifts that have popped up around the map. The v5.0 patch notes simply suggest that you can step through them to test your courage, and you are in for a wild ride when you do. Well when you step through you materialise somewhere nearby to the rift but you pop back in high up above the game world, at which point you drop back down again.

As players get the hang of using these Fortnite rifts they will add a layer of chaos mixed with interesting vertical tactical options to the game's unfolding action. So a players tactics will have to adapt to accommodate these rift popping vertical teleporters.

One thing you will notice from the patch notes for Season 5, is that they are not being entirely specific about what we can expect from Season 5. Which makes the prospect of Fortnite Season 5 a fun exploratory experience. Epic really are showing their skills on this v5.0 rollout

And finally lets look at how these Epic guys are funding their hugely popular game, as here is the Fortnite Battle Pass for season 5 trailer.

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