Prepare to Break Another Controller - Hollow Knight: Gods and Glory is Out August 23rd

Written by Jon Sutton on Tue, Jul 17, 2018 11:25 AM
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Just like Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight is the gift that just keeps giving. Developer Team Cherry has announced that Gods & glory, the final chapter of the Hollow Knight experience, will be launching on PC and Nintendo Switch on August 23rd.

Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory is the largest free content pack yet for the ultra-hard 2D Metroidvania, cramming in new bosses, new NPCs, new secrets, new areas to explore, and an additional mode for long-time players.

Team Cherry hasn’t actually confirmed what the new mode will be just yet. We had assumed it would have been the anticipated Boss Rush, although it sounds as if this is going to be bolted onto the main campaign rather than its own distinct mode. Whatever it is, let’s hope it’s not as a ludicrously punishing as the current permadeath mode for the absolute masochists out there.

I’ve actually finished up my run through Hollow Knight recently and it is an absolutely incredible Metroidvania-type title, possibly the best I’ve ever played. In its current form, there’s a good 30-35 hours of content for a complete playthrough, as well as plenty of bonus optional challenges. Layer on this additional free chapter and it gets even larger. It’s always refreshing to see this level of post-launch support in an era of premium expansions and nickel and diming we see from the AAA big boys.

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admin badge
09:17 Jul-18-2018

It's been some time since I played this gem. Maybe it's time for another playthrough when this patch releases.

19:46 Jul-17-2018

There's actually more than 35 hours to play if you explore and want to complete the game on 100% The game is amazing and everyone should learn from the devs of Hollow Knight.

junior admin badge
11:59 Jul-17-2018

Steel Reinforced Controller

junior admin badge
03:10 Jul-18-2018

Wish it were a real thing :D


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