Sega has announced that Two Point Hospital, the debut game from Two Point Studios, will be launching on PC on August 30th, 2018.

Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, featuring some of the same talent that worked on Bullfrog’s tongue-in-cheek management title.

“Set in Two Point County, an atypical world oozing with charisma, humour and character, budding administrators need to be creative and use every tool and trick at their disposal to navigate a diverse assortment of hospital management challenges,” writes Sega. “Design your hospitals; train your staff and manage their wide-ranging personalities; discover diseases, research new treatments and develop your machinery; conduct marketing and spread your organisation like the most patient-friendly virus around; and, oh yes, cure patients with unusual illnesses.”

Two Point Hospital is available to pre-order right now on Steam with a 10% discount.