It’s all very well pulling on some spandex and flinging goo at people like a dodgy porno extra, but Spidey fans need a bigger reason for Peter Parker’s escapades. Naturally, in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, the entirety of New York City is under threat from yet another menace, and all is (sort of) revealed in the new San Diego Comic-Con story trailer.

In typical superhero fare, there’s an election in process in New York City and Mayor Norman Osborn is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure his re-election bid goes smoothly. His lovely mayoral suite is pretty cushty you see, and he doesn’t want to give it up to any old candidate. To maintain his vice-like grip on New York he’s employed gun-for-hire Silver Sable and her security force, all with the noble aim of restoring order to the city. Unfortunately for Peter, that also includes someone who the mayor thinks is contributing to the mayhem - Spider-Man.

We suspect that means the usual moral wrangling of discussing who’s really the bad guy in all of this. The mayor looking to restore order or the spandex-clad nutter jumping off rooftops.

It’s probably fairly reductionist to say this, but Spider-Man is looking a whole lot like Batman: Arkham, this time with that Marvel license draped across it. That’s no bad thing though, of course, and Spider-Man is looking mighty slick in terms of combat, movement, and storytelling. It’s notoriously difficult to get Spider-Man looking and feeling just right, but the capable hands of Insomniac Games appear to have nailed it.

Fingers crossed Insomniac can follow through on the promise when Spider-Man launches on September 7th, 2018, exclusively to PlayStation 4.