Big Robot, the brains behind The Signal From Tolva and Sir, You Are Being Hunted, has announced its next project - The Light Keeps Us Safe.

Sticking to the well-worn formula the studio is now known for, The Light Keeps Us Safe is a procedurally-generated sci-fi stealth game set during the apocalypse. Deadly machines have overrun the world and players must use a blend of stealth and evasion to dodge their traps and explore the world.

The Light Keeps Us Safe Features

  • Unique light-based interactions and challenges!
  • A sprawling world of stealth, survival, and exploration from the makers of Sir, You Are Being Hunted and The Signal From Tolva.
  • Horrifying and aggressive alien-machine enemies!
  • Fiendish traps and disturbing hostile environments.
  • A procedurally-generated environment, different for each playthrough.
  • A grim sense of existential threat (because we're good at that sort of thing...)
  • No crafting though, because we find that a bit dull tbh. Sorry!
  • A tremendous sense of satisfaction in overcoming certain doom. You want that feeling, don't you? It's a good feeling.

The Light Keeps Us Safe is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on October 11th. A full launch is planned for March 2019.