A new trailer dropped for No Man’s Sky Next this week and it almost feels as if we’re back to the fever-pitched hype that preceded the original launch two years ago. Hello Games, and studio head Sean Murray in particular, were sacrificial lambs to the slaughter for a rabid fanbase that felt disappointed, perhaps even betrayed, by what space epic ultimately became.

The aura surrounding No Man’s Sky had become toxic. This was a small team trying to do big things and, I suspect by their own admission, they quickly got out of their depth. Sony left them high and dry having driven anticipation into a frothing frenzy with an E3 showcase, washing their hands of the whole mess.

Some would call No Man’s Sky a disaster, maybe an even an outright lie. Some people loved exploring a near-infinite space. For most, I’d imagine the answer is actually somewhere in between. No Man’s Sky was the kernel of a fantastic game, it just needed time to grow.

And grow it has. Over the course of three major updates, Hello Games added in base-building, farming, freighter ships, new resources, new technology to unlock, graphical upgrades, driveable land vehicles, races, a 30-hour storyline, more varied planetary biomes, and a revamped mission system. And this week we’re getting No Man’s Sky NEXT, another free update that finally adds fully fledged multiplayer, the ability to command a fleet of frigates and full character customisation. No Man’s Sky has come full circle, becoming the game we’d hoped it always would be.

The big question is though, is all it too late? For the millions who bought No Man’s Sky at launch, a healthy percentage have probably already moved on with no intention of ever playing it again. But that could be doing No Man’s Sky a disservice. This is an evolving game on an almost unprecedented scale. When the update arrives this week it could be Sea of Thieves but with actual content, filled with endless adventures across an unthinkable number of planets.

So, will you be biting the bullet and giving No Man’s Sky a second chance? Or has the disastrous launch in 2016 put you off for good? Get voting in the poll and let us know why below!

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