We’ve all been there. The crushing, unmistakable sense of dread as we realise the enormity of what we’ve lost. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hours of progress, lost in the blink of an eye. One accidental clear-up, or one stupidly timed quick save, and all is lost.

Videogames are punishingly long and we rely on saves to keep our progress. Getting a corrupted save in Skyrim after 80 hours would cause many people to abandon the game altogether rather than start if all over again. There’s really no other medium that’s quite like it. When we buy a movie we don’t have to start at the beginning, we can skip right to the end if we want. Games are unique in this respect, challenging the players to see it all rather than presenting us with all the options.

Fortunately, in this age of cloud saves, losing swathes of progress in a game has become a rarer thing. That doesn’t stop it happening though, and when it does it’s the ultimate proverbial pain in the arse.

The biggest loss for me in recent times was the original Watch Dogs. I’d basically done the entire game, bar the ending, and Squee from here on GD logged into the account to play it for himself. Unfortunately, starting up a new game automatically wiped all of my progress, completely unbeknown to him. It was, er, grimly depressing, to say the least.

From back in my youth though, the worst that sticks out for me was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I was just about to head into Ganon’s castle. I had a mate round and they wiped over my save. Friendship over, get out. Thankfully, unlike Watch Dogs it’s a phenomenal game, and I’ve since put the time in to finish Ocarina of Time several times in the years since. If anything it was more enjoyable the second time, so it’s not always terrible when game saves are lost.

They’re the biggest losses that come to mind for me, but my gaming history is littered with the graveyard of lost game saves. But, and I know this may be a sore subject of you, what are some of your worst tale of game save loss? What’s the most amount of progress you’ve ever lost in a game? Let us know all the gory details below!

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