To me, V-Rally conjures up a very specific and nostalgic era of arcade-like early 3D racing games, an era that faded into obscurity around the time of V-Rally 3’s release in 2002. The franchise is being reignited this September with V-Rally 4 though, with Kylotonn Racing and their proprietary Kt Engine 3D game engine now at the wheel. They’ve dropped a new trailer for V-Rally 4, showing off two of the five featured racing disciplines.

This particular trailer focuses on the Hillclimb and Rally disciplines, but the final game is also going to include Extreme-Khana, V-Rally Cross, and Buggy Racing. The Rally discipline is basically your bog-standard rally racing, challenging the player to master technical races across a variety of surfaces. Hill Climb, meanwhile is all about cars with power and endurance, attempting to scrabble up mountains as fast as possible.

Each of the five disciplines should, hopefully, bring their own unique experiences to V-Rally 4, and form the bulk of V-Rally 4’s Career Mode. The developer, Kylotonn Racing Games, has said the solo campaign is the heart of V-Rally 4, so there should be plenty for racing fans who don’t play online to sink their teeth into.

The older V-Rally games certainly leaned more towards arcade-style handling, although the in-game footage we’ve seen so far for V-Rally 4 points to a larger emphasis on simulation racing. The roads are narrow, the corners tight and the tracks are long, so we think we’re looking at more of a Dirt Rally competitor than a Dirt 4.

V-Rally 4 comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September.