Frontier to Reveal Next Game Late 2019 or Early 2019, Planet Coaster Support to Continue

Written by Jon Sutton on Sun, Jul 29, 2018 12:00 PM
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Jurassic World Evolution might only have just got out the door but Frontier is already hard at work on its next title. The dinosaur-themed management game might not have impressed critically compared to the excellent Planet Coaster, but that license managed to drag it up into the list of best-selling PC games this year.

Work on Jurassic world Evolution is now wrapping up according to Frontier CEO David Braben, and attention is now turning to the studio’s fourth and fifth projects.

“Of course, we’re hard at work on the fourth game,” said Braben to PC Gamer. “We’re not saying what that is yet, but we’ll say when it’s the right time, which will be a way off – probably either at the back end of the year or early next year. But obviously we’re excited about that as well, and with Jurassic World Evolution finishing, we’ll be kicking off other projects. We’ve already got a small team on the fifth game, we’re looking at it… so we have a nice flow-through.”

It’s exciting to think that Frontier could be cooking up, particularly considering the ongoing support that’s still happening for Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous. Hopefully they can still spare the staff to continue working on Jurassic World content too as it would be a crying shame if it wrapped up without aquatic and flying dinosaurs.

Anyway, Frontier’s next project to be revealed either late this year or early 2019. You’d think another Frontier Expo has to take place at some point and this would be the perfect time to reveal a new title. Forgetting the new title for a moment, what I’d love to see is a full-blown waterpark expansion for Planet Coaster, they could do some insane stuff with it.

What would you like to see the talented folks at Frontier work on next?

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19:17 Jul-29-2018

All I can say is that they're pretty quick to declare Jurassic World Evolution as "finishing up". The game isn't bad by all means, but it's pretty far off of being finished up if you ask me...

13:30 Jul-29-2018

So late 2019 or early 2019? O_O


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