UPDATE: Despite Battlefield V's official site originally saying the Grand Operations game mode won't be in at launch, it now turns out that the mode will, in fact, be in Battlefield V on day one.

The update comes from the Battlefield V Twitter account, which tweeted out a message saying "BFV Grand Operations, our ultimate MP experience, will be playable at launch and as part of Tides of War."

The official Battlefield V site has now been updated to represent this change. It's unclear whether this was a simple mistake or if DICE was originally intending to kick off Grand Operations shortly after launch and has since changed its plans.

Original Story: 28-Jul-2018 - Battlefield V Won't Launch With its New Grand Operations Mode

For the Battlefield V reveal, and the months since, the marquee mode has always been the new Grand Operations. In DICE’s own words, “Grand Operations is the ultimate multiplayer experience.” Only, if you’re playing your shiny new copy of Battlefield 5 on October 19th, you won’t actually be able to play Grand Operations on launch day.

In a new update, DICE has confirmed that the first Grand Operation will be available “shortly after launch”. In subsequent months, DICE will then roll out new Grand Operations set in new battlefields.

The Grand Operations themselves are an upgraded version of Operations in Battlefield 1. However, in Battlefield 1 there were four Operations on launch day alone, providing plenty for players to sink their teeth into. This time it looks as if we’ll have to make do with Conquest and Rush for a week or two before the first Grand Operation drops.

Each Grand Operation takes place over several in-game days, offering up multiple rounds and game modes that can affect the difficulty of the next day. One team could fail to push into a vehicle compound on day one, for example, and then on the next day they’d have fewer vehicles to head into battle with. In total, each Grand Operation should last about or an hour, although it may be longer in close games.

While it’s disappointing to hear we won’t be able to jump into Battlefield V’s Grand Operations on launch day, this is kind of part and parcel of where DICE is headed with its service approach. All post-launch maps, vehicles, and weapons are going to be free, and it looks as if the additional content is going to be rolled in as part of Grand Operation special events.  The problem is that this could mean that BF5 is a little light on content at launch, although we’ll have to wait and see whether that's the case.

Battlefield 5 launches on October 19th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those brave enough to sign up to EA Access will be able to hop in a week early on October 12th and play for up to 10 hours.