Right now here in the UK, we’re slap bang in the middle of the biggest heatwave since the asteroid hit the dinosaurs. The pavement on my walk home is actually melting. We’re notoriously ill-equipped to deal with it as well. Air conditioning is practically non-existent and our homes are built to keep the heat in, creating this throbbing heat effect that peaks at about 2am.

During this time, if I turn either my PC or my PS4 on, within a matter of minutes it sounds as if they’re going to explode. The PS4 is like a jet engine at the best of times, but now it looks as if it's actually going take off. It’s been enough to put me off using it until it cools down to be honest, as I’m fearing serious damage.

So here’s a question to the wider world here on GD, because I’m sure plenty of you live in places to dwarf the temperatures we get here. Just how do you go about keeping both your PC, and the room you’re gaming in, cool? Do you simply take the side of your course off or is that just inviting dust?

The obvious solution for a PC is to throw in more internal cooling solutions. Only, for every fan or liquid pipe you put in, more heat is going to be pumped out of the back of your PC and into your vicinity. Your PC’s nice and chilly while you’re sat in your pants and praying for winter.

Also, do you bother overclocking your PC when the weather’s particularly hot, or do you refrain from pushing your PC to the max during extreme temperatures? I’m sure plenty of you have some ingenious solutions like converting your freezer into a PC.

And my last question is for those who, like me, aren’t actually doing anything to combat the heat - do you find yourself gaming less in the summer due to the extreme heat indoors, or do you just grin and bear it as you fire up another game of Siege?

Over to you then, what do you do about gaming during extreme temperatures? Any tips and tricks for those of us unfamiliar with scorching heat? Let us know!

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