For the past few years, the major Steam sales have been dreadfully boring for those of us who love to keep checking back every day. Valve dumped the old Flash Sales system and presented us with flat discounts for every game in a sale. It made sense to drop it, primarily because folks would withhold from buying games on the off-chance they’d be in a flash sale, but it has meant Steam sales have lost a bit of their frenetic charm.

That could be set to change imminently though. Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker has got the inside scoop on this one, claiming that Steam Flash Sales are making a comeback, albeit with a key change.

Instead of lasting a fixed amount of time, under the new system, developers and publishers can opt for 6, 8, 10, or 12 hour flash sales. This means that the games available in a flash sale could potentially be switching as often as every couple of hours, prompting users to return regularly to Steam to check out the latest offers.

Would you like to see Flash Sales make a return to Steam? Or do you prefer the current Steam sale method where each game has a fixed discount from the beginning to the end of the sale? Let us know why below!

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