Phantom Doctrine Gameplay Trailer Runs Through What Makes this Cold War XCOM-like Tick

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Aug 6, 2018 12:01 PM
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One of the more exciting releases this month is undoubtedly Phantom Doctrine, a Cold War spin on the classic XCOM turn-based tactics. It’s from the folks at Good Shepherd Entertainment and CraftForge Games, who you may recognise from Hard West and Ancient Space. It’s all about subterfuge and it’s based on classic spy movies, plunging the player into a tale of conspiracies, covert operations, and gadgets, lots and lots of gadgets.

If you a clearer picture of just what Phantom Doctrine is all about though, then look no further than the new Mission Debriefing trailer. This runs through all of the core elements of Phantom Doctrine, including the base management, the global threat map, and how players can prepare themselves for their next mission. When we say it’s like XCOM, it really is, just replace those pesky aliens with KGB agents or CIA busybodies.

CreativeForge is promising that Phantom Doctrine will have a 40+ hour single-player campaign covering both perspectives of the Cold War. It’ll be woven around real-life historical events and will allow players to recruit from both the KGB and the CIA.

On top of the usual XCOM tactics, Phantom Doctrine goes above and beyond with breaching abilities, traps, stealth gameplay, and the ability to call in off-the-map assistance such as air support.

Phantom Doctrine is out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from August 14th.

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07:17 Aug-07-2018

Loving the look of this. Nice variety in shots, Interesting gameplay. Love the detective/investigative aspect of it.

12:59 Aug-06-2018

Duuude, I AM READY!


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