DICE has announced the second wave of the Battlefield V Closed Alpha will be kicking off this coming Tuesday, August 14th.

As this is a closed alpha, not just anyone can turn up and play. "Players eligible to participate in the Battlefield V have been pre-selected from the Battlefield player community and will receive invites to participate," says DICE.

Presumably anybody who got invited into the previous Battlefield 5 alpha test will be able to play and, hopefully, DICE will be sending out a second wave of invites for this new test.

In terms of what’s changed between the previous alpha and the new alpha, the content will be exactly the same. It’ll be the same snowy Narvik map with the British and German factions squaring off against one another.

"We have made some changes that we think will better cater to players across all play styles and skill levels based on how fast players scored points, and how quickly they progressed through the ranks in the first Closed Alpha," explains DICE.

Keep an eye on your inboxes then, and good luck.