FIFA 19's New House Rules Modes Shown off in New Trailer, Includes Survival Mode

Written by Jon Sutton on Fri, Aug 10, 2018 11:27 AM
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EA Sports has dropped a new trailer for FIFA 19 showing off its rather ace looking new Kick-Off mode. For FIFA fans who enjoy playing regularly with their mates, this is a new mode with in-depth stat tracking and match types intended to provide a bit more depth to the usual Exhibition matches.

In Kick-Off mode there are several game types comprising Classic Kick-Off, UEFA Champions League, Best Of Series (first to three or five wins), Home & Away (two-legged match with the away goals rule), Cup Finals, and, best of all, House Rules.

If you’re wondering what House Rules is, this is the sort of mess around mode that fans have been crying out for. This includes a subset of match types with different rules that can be tweaked.

In Survival Mode, each time a player scores a goal, a random outfield player is sent off from the scorer’s team. No Rules is pretty self-explanatory. In this mode, anything goes. There are no offsides, no fouls, and no bookings. The return of Red Card Soccer at long last. In Long Range mode, goals from outside the box count as two goals, while they’re worth just one inside. Headers and Volleys only allows goals scored via headers or volleys to count, while First To… allows players to set custom win conditions such as first goal wins.

As for the stat tracking, Kick-Off mode will now record a whole host of stats on both the player and their friends. This can be used to analyse weak points or tweak tactics. It’s also sure to prove a worthy source for bragging rights.

Tracked Stats

  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Draws
  • Win %
  • Goals Scored
  • Goals Allowed
  • Goal Differential
  • Goal Types:
  • Inside box
  • Outside of the box
  • Penalties
  • Free Kicks
  • Goal Heatmap on net (where on net it was scored)
  • Shot On Target % (comparing total shots vs shots on target)
  • Total Shots on Target
  • Total Shots
  • Average Possession %
  • Average possession % in areas
  • Pass % completion

Tracked Milestones (for head-to-head comparisons)

  • Previous five match results
  • Most two-legged match wins
  • Most Best of three wins
  • Most Best of five wins
  • Most Cup Final wins
  • Fastest goal scored
  • Biggest win (biggest goal differential in a match)

For someone who pretty much exclusively plays 1v1’s against friends online, the new modes and the advanced stat tracking in FIFA 19 sounds like a godsend.

FIFA 19 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 28th.

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10:33 Aug-12-2018

Can't wait to see how they implement Battle Royale into FIFA this year!


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