It may have taken its sweet time getting here but Monster Hunter World has had a gargantuan launch on Steam. Capcom’s co-op action RPG has smashed no fewer than four records in its first 24 hours on sale.

Firstly, Monster Hunter World has become Capcom’s biggest PC launch in history. Monster Hunter World was already the most successful game Capcom has ever published thanks to the console version, and now it’s finding similar success on PC. It peaked yesterday evening with 239,779 concurrent players on Steam. This compares to a previous high of 27,259 for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. For context, this means MonHun World’s PC launch is more than 10 times greater than Capcom’s previous best PC launch.

How does stack up to other Japanese hits though? Well, Monster Hunter World is also the most successful Japanese game ever launched on Steam, beating out Dark Souls 3 and almost tripling the peak concurrent player count of Metal Gear Solid V.

As well as this, Monster Hunter World has become the biggest launch of 2018 on Steam, tipping Kingdom Come: Deliverance off the top spot. It previously held a record of 95,000 concurrent users, so this record has been blown away.

Last but not least, Monster Hunter World has slotted in at number seven for the highest concurrently played game on Steam of all time, eclipsing both No Man’s Sky and Rainbow Six Siege.

What's particularly incredible about these statistics is that this doesn't even take into account WeGame figures. MonHun World has been receiving an incredible amount of hype in China and it's likely Capcom is also seeing similarly impressive sales figures over there.

Who's hopped aboard the Monster Hunter World hype train? How are you finding it so far, and how is the performance on your rig?