The Quiet Man
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Square Enix has hosted a live stream showing 43 minutes of gameplay footage from The Quiet Man. If you don’t recognise it, this is a curious little game that was quietly revealed during E3 this year and blends live action with lifelike CG and bits of action-oriented gameplay.

Picking apart what Square Enix is trying to do here, The Quiet Man appears to be an evolution of the TV-style drama that was attempted with Quantum Break. It’s been designed to be completed in a single sitting, although we have no idea what the heck it’s all about yet.

Judging from this look at gameplay, Square Enix appears to be keen to set a new benchmark for bad animation. There’s still no word on a release window yet, so hopefully they’re intending to tidy it up a lot between now and launch.

It’s all very strange, particularly for a AAA publisher such as Square Enix. Anyway, The Quiet Man is in development at Human Head Studios and is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4 at an undisclosed date.