There’s no getting around, game sizes are booming. When you’ve got fairly innocuous titles like Valkyria Chronicles 4 weighing in at 71GB, we’ve come to an age where we’ve got to accept some massive downloads in order to play the latest games.

All of this hinges on our internet connections though. On a console, games are often released in physical format for those with slow download speeds, but 99% of PC games are pretty much digital only. If we want a game, we’ve got to download it.

PC gaming is a global hobby. However, high-speed internet most definitely isn’t. For some, 71GB downloads can be finished in 20 minutes. For others, this can take days, perhaps even weeks. For folks on slower connections, they’ve got to plan what they want to play days before they can actually play it. Pre-loads have eased this problem a little for newer games but it’s still problematic when people are wrestling with bandwidth caps and throttling.

It’s been about a year since we last took a look at this so we figured it would be neat to have a catch-up and see how our broadband speeds have improved over the year, if they’ve even improved at all.

2017 Results

A great site to test your speed is DSL Reports as this provides some of the most accurate net connection speed data. All you need to do is select your connection type on the site and run the test to receive your current speed.

Just vote for your current uploaded and download speeds in the polls and let us know below if you’ve noticed any improvements over the last year! Also, how have you been finding the size of game downloads lately, are they becoming too large for your connection?

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