Zenimax has announced a couple of major updates will be coming Elder Scrolls Online’s way soon, comprising the werewolf-themed Wolfhunter DLC  and a larger-scale, fully-fledged Murkmire expansion.

Wolfhunter will be first up and is actually due out tomorrow. This smaller DLC pack will feature a pair of new dungeons geared towards parties of four players. Players can take on the Great Hunt in the March of Sacrifices, leading up to a final battle in Moon Hunter Keep against ancient werewolf Vykosa. Successful groups will be able to unlock new sets of gear and werewolf-themed cosmetics.

The second update is much larger in scope. Murkire will be the next Elder Scrolls Online expansion pack and it’s due to launch this fall. It’ll be set in the Black Marsh, where the Argonians have made their home. Details were incredibly light aside from the teaser trailer below that was shown off at QuakeCon. It appears it’s going to be a similar-sized addition as the likes of the Orsinium DLC, rather than a Morrowind of Summerset-type affair.