Bethesda promised us a Doom Eternal gameplay reveal at QuakeCon and boy did they deliver on this. Around 17 minutes of gameplay footage from Doom Eternal was shown off on-stage, revealing tantalising first glimpses at new weapons, enemies, abilities and locations for the rip-and-tearing sequel.

The Doom Slayer now has a couple of new tricks up his, including a Meat Hook mod for the Super Shotgun. This delivers devastating melee kills without breaking stride. He’s also shown with a shoulder-mounted cannon-cum-flamethrower for consistent damage.

In terms of movement, the addition of a grappling hook means the Doom Slayer is now more versatile than ever at navigating the environments. It can be used to grapple onto enemies and pull the Doom Slayer towards them, or even used on the environment to swing across perilous gaps. It’s all a bit Bionic Commando.

As for those environments, Doom Eternal moves the action away from the confines of Mars to a more diverse set of worlds. This includes Hell on Earth, in a token nod to Doom 2, as well Phobos, one of Mars’ moons.

Anyway, enjoy the extended Doom Eternal gameplay sequence below.

As you can probably tell from the gameplay, Id Software did that odd thing where they show Doom gameplay from a gamepad user. Fortunately, IGN has nabbed a smaller section of mouse and keyboard gameplay  so we can see how Doom Eternal looks when it runs at a faster pace.

There, that’s more like it. As it should be.

Bethesda still hasn’t provided a word on Doom’s release window just yet, although we’re probably looking at a game that’s arriving in mid to late 2019. Bethesda won’t want it competing with Rage 2 so there’ll probably need to be a decent-sized gap between the two launches.