Reach for that salt shaker and grab a pinch because WCCFTech is claiming inside sources have told them that Intel will be launching its 9th Generation Coffee Lake-S processors on October 1st.

The next-gen CPUs will be a refinement of the current 14nm process, this time with additional cores and faster clock speeds right out of the box.

Things will kick off with the launch of the flagship Intel Core i9-9900K on October. According to previous rumours, the Core i9’s will be the only 9th-gen chips with multithreading. The Core i9-9900K will be an 8-core, 16-thread monster that should tear through any game under the sun.

It’s possibly the lesser CPUs which are of more interest though, with speculation mounting that Intel is abandoning multithreading for its more affordable chips. On paper, this can sound disappointing, although Intel is making up for this by cranking up the clock speeds to impressive heights. In truth, many games typically make poor use of multithreading regardless, and with 6 and 8-core CPUs now coming as standard, it’s becoming something of a non-issue in terms of gaming.

As for what we’re getting on October 1st, it appears as if the 9900K will be joined by the Intel Core i7-9700K (8 cores / 8 threads) and the Intel Core i5-9600K (6 cores / 6 threads). All three processors will be unlocked for overclocking and will utilise the Z390 chipset. Intel is aiming for high all-core boost clock speeds, hitting 4.3GHz with the 9600K, 4.6GHz on the 9700K, and 4.7GHz across all eight cores. Typically, boost clock speeds greatly favour single core clocks but we’re seeing an across-the-board raise here which could be fantastic for performance.

We’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes though, and we’ve got a little bit of a wait on our hands. If the rumours are true, the Intel Core 9th Gen will be reading to launch in about 7-8 weeks time.