UPDATE: Game Debate has now transitioned to HTTPS. There are a few issues that need fixing so it would be great if you could let us know any problems you encounter in the comments section below!

ORIGINAL: While we’ve had one foot in the door some time, the entirety of Game Debate is going to be moved to an HTTPS secure connection today.

The move to HTTPS is beneficial for several reasons. It can prevent malicious third parties from inserting rogue code, it prevents ISPs from tracking the pages users are reading, it can open the door to new features on the site, and it also marks GD as a more credible site in terms of SEO.

This is a big moment for Game Debate and the GD community and, hopefully, we can all work together to ensure the transition works as smoothly as possible.

In theory, the migration to HTTPS should be almost invisible to most users. It’ll switch over later today and every page will simply say ‘https’ in the URL rather than ‘http’. Nice and simple, like a duck drifting serenely across a lake while its feet are paddling furiously underwater.

However, there may be one or two oddities that can be difficult to predict so it would be an immense help if you can share any problems you encounter with the site today. This could be just about anything, whether it’s searching for games or hardware, posting on your profile wall, running the Game Debate system requirements tools. Basically, each and every thing the site can do. It should all just work, but if you’re having any issues whatsoever then let us know in the comments section below and it would be a fantastic help.

As well as this, the switch to HTTPS also acts as a soft reset in terms of search rankings. In Google's eyes, the switch to HTTPS is an entirely new URL, and Google can be notoriously unforgiving. They're an oblique corporate giant that loves algorithms more than Good Will Hunting, so we're going to have to do our best to wave at them and remind Google we're still here, alive and kicking.

We're going to be reliant on the GD community being their usual excellent selves and keep commenting, sharing, and making sure the wider world knows about what we've got here.

Ultimately it could be quite a turbulent move for GD behind the scenes, but in the long run, it makes GD a safer, more secure, and more credible website for search engines.

In the meantime just keep doing what you're doing, which is making GD one of the best, most active PC gaming communities on the web. Anything you can do to help with sharing links to the site or tweeting about GD will be an enormous benefit, now more than ever, as we look to re-establish ourselves after the URL switch.

Thank you everyone for your help, and hopefully this all goes smoothly!

Our Favorite Comments
"this is an excellent move. my heart congrats to the GD admins and team for making this good security leap."
"Congratz guys. Amazing work on pretty much everything btw. There's only two sites on the whole damn net that I use the comments section on, here and The Chive."