It’s that time ago. Rainbow Six Siege’s next season is bearing down upon us, and Ubisoft has used the Six Major in Paris to the reveal the first of two new Operators. She’s Morowa ‘Clash’ Evans, and the advantage she affords players is pretty simple - Clash is the first defensive Operator to utilise a shield.

This is the weird and wonderful world of, ahem, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six though, so it’s not just any old shield. She’s been working with Twitch and Mira who, taking a break from killing each other every three minutes since 2015, have bizarrely teamed up to help lead an R&D project known as the CCE Shield (Crowd Control Electro Shield). It’s a full-length shield with a see-through visor that can fire out Twitch-like electric zaps to damage enemies.

From the looks of things, Clash is going to be a stand-out Operator for Defenders who like to hunker down and defend a point. Her full-length shield makes her an excellent tactic for denying entry through a door, although a well-placed grenade or Ash breaching charge could see her wiped out with ease.

It sounds as if Clash is going to primarily be of use to teams with a focus on teamwork. On her own, she’s comparatively weak, but she could make an excellent distraction tactic for flanking teammates.

Clash and an unannounced Attacking Operator are due to launch as part of the British-themed Operation Grim Sky. An appropriate name if ever I’ve heard one. The season is set to include a full rework of the Hereford map, with more to be revealed during the Six Major in Paris this week.