Throughout the last decade, we’ve crept into a new age of PC gaming. We’ve thrown off the shackles of the stereotypical desk, mouse & keyboard and tower PC setup and it’s now possible to game on PC in just about any way we want. This includes replicating a console-like setup but with the benefit of top-end performance rather than low frame rates and sludgy resolutions.

In large part, this movement has been all down to Steam. For all their slow progress, Valve has done decent work at integrating gamepad and big screen support into Steam, and this has bled out to many other developers, publishers, and game clients. Now, just about every AAA release is playable with a controller from the comfort of a sofa, with native 4K resolution if we choose to.

It’s fantastic, but the move to a comfy couch isn’t for everyone. For those after the very best in visuals, performance, and efficient control methods, the good old desktop setup still reigns supreme. For some genres, such as FPS and strategy games, it borders on fact that mouse and keyboard is a superior setup.

This is thinking in terms of pure efficiency and performance though, rather than any concerns for comfort, ease of use, or integration into home life. Of course a mouse & keyboard player should come out on top in an FPS battle with a controller user, but by the time 6pm rolls around, there are plenty who’d rather not sit down at another desk, no matter how comfy their gaming chair may be.

I’m wary this discussion is going to be a little one-sided, although I’m going to be doing my bit and staking a claim for TV gaming. Monitors and TVs are expensive, and when I basically have a need for a TV already, a monitor has now become a little surplus to requirements. It’d be nice to have a 144Hz 4K monster, but I can kill two birds with one stone thanks to a 4K TV that does a good enough job. I’m also an absolute sucker for lounging on the sofa rather than sitting up in a chair, preferably as near as humanly possible to the kettle.  So for cost and comfort reasons, I’ve fully migrated over to TV gaming for now, although this could all change once I finally get one of my spare rooms sorted out.

Over to you, do you do most of your PC gaming on a gaming monitor or are you happy with a TV? Get voting in the poll and let us know why below!

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