First, there was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularising the Battle Royale genre in a way we’d never seen before. And then there was Fortnite, the bona fide biggest game on the planet right now. Fortnite is on the mainstream news, it was part of the World Cup, and it’s managed to wangle its way into every school playground on the planet.

In Fortnite, Epic sniffed out a fellow success and proceeded to dump on it from a great height, at least in terms of financial clout. And where the money goes, developers are sure to follow. Over the past year, we’ve had quite a few of Battle Royale competitors begin to crop up, from repurposed MOBAs to experimental indie takes. This coming holiday we’ve also got the AAA big boys beginning to throw their weight around too, with Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 both eyeing up world domination with their respective takes on Battle Royale.

Despite all the complaints of too many Battle Royale games though, there aren’t actually a huge of variants just yet. Along with the big two we’ve got games like Realm Royale, Darwin Project, H1Z1, Islands of Nyne, Knives Out, Fear the Wolves, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, and a handful of tiny games, but there really aren’t many to pick from just.

With that in mind, which of the Battle Royale games has been primarily occupying your time?

I’m still a sucker for Fortnite. I tend to win a duos game during my first one or two matches though, then proceed to tilt into oblivion for the next hour or two, slipping down the ranks until I rage quit. Give it a few days and I always crawling back for more though, even if I do believe it’s a game mode with some inherent flaws. Part of the strength of this game is that it’s free though, so it’s a really easy sell to friends who only need to download the game to give a go and see it for themselves. A lot of other games do shooting a whole lot better, but the building aspect really does help Fortnite stand apart from the crowd in a big way.

My time with Battle Royale games has also come led me to the conclusion that these games are a heck of a lot better in squads, chiefly a squad of mates. I find solo Battle Royale a bit boring and lacking in tactical depth, while the odds are so stacked against a 1 in a 100 victory that moments of triumph are few and far between. There’s certainly room to improve the formula with future Battle Royale games, with four players certainly the sweet spot for team play.

Over to you now then, what’s your favourite Battle Royale game? Or do you just dislike the entire game mode in general? If so, is there a game that could tempt you if it were to add a Battle Royale mode?

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