Behind the scenes, THQ Nordic has grown from nothing in 2011 to becoming one of the most prolific publishing and development houses in Europe. You probably know them best due to their lust for snapping up abandoned IPs, including the likes of Gothic, Darksiders, Delta Force, Jagged Alliance, Red Faction, and, most recently, Timesplitters.

Over the course of seven years, THQ Nordic has quietly become a powerhouse, recently buying up the entirety of Koch Media and Deep Silver. This includes the publishing rights to Shenmue 3 and Metro Exodus.

It may surprise you to learn just how prolific THQ Nordic is though. Its recently published financial report for the first half of 2018 revealed that it has a frankly bemusing 51 games in development. 10 of these are games which are out but receiving active support, a further 17 have been announced, while the remaining 24 games are unannounced titles. One of these will be the recently revealed Jagged Alliance: Rage!, but that still leaves a hefty 23 unannounced games that are in active development.

"There is an increasing excitement about our major upcoming releases, such as Darksiders 3, Metro Exodus and Biomutant,” said THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors. “After the end of the quarter, we announced the release date and pre-order offering for Darksiders 3. I expect our well-invested pipeline of future products, of all sizes, to generate increased revenues and improved profitability over the coming years. We are now working hard to prepare all activities for the biggest event of the year, Gamescom, which opens next week in Cologne, Germany.”

Outside of active development, it should come as little surprise to discover that THQ Nordic is still interested in acquiring new studios and IPs, as well as creating their own. They’ve clearly seen long-term value in picking up forgotten franchises for a bargain-bin price and working on reinvigorating them for a new generation.

I have to say though, with 24 unannounced games in active development, at least one of these surely has to be a Delta Force title. Do the right thing THQ Nordic. I will accept Joint Operations 2 as a second-best though, complete with 256-player multiplayer.