DICE has dropped the Devastation of Rotterdam trailer for Battlefield V. After a fairly abject reveal, this is DICE back with a bang. Rotterdam in the Netherlands forms the bulk of the early portion of the trailer, showing Allied forces taken on the occupied Axis troops.

I’m no history expert but to the best of my knowledge, I don’t believe British troops actually had a major presence in Rotterdam during WW2. In fact, Britain spent most of 1940 blitzing the city from the skies due to its German occupation. As Battlefield V is only launching with British and German troops though, we have to presume this British troops fighting on the streets of Rotterdam.

Anyway, we can’t let that get in the one of seriously bombastic action. It looks as if environmental destruction could play a bigger part than it did in Battlefield 1, although we’re still based if off this pseudo-multiplayer gameplay footage that could well be from the single-player campaign.

“Throughout the trailer, the game’s dynamic physicality and destruction is on full display,” says EA. “As the architecture crumbles and gives way, torn by the devastation of close quarters combat, truly no battle in Battlefield V will ever be the same.”

And tucked in during the last 30 seconds? A teaser for Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode of course. Now, I know there are plenty of Battle Royale detractors out there but that is one sick-ass teaser clip. We can see the storm has been replacing by a shrinking ring of fire that destroys everything in its path. Players are then pushed together for one final stand right at the end. In typical Battlefield style, vehicles such as tanks are driveable in the Battle Royale mode, which could be one heck of an advantage during the closing moments.

Now that’s how you do a trailer. Perhaps DICE may have been better off revealing this particular trailer during that pre-E3 reveal. Could this trailer be enough to resurrect those alleged weak pre-order numbers?

Battlefield V is due to launch on October 19th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.