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Revealed just prior to E3, Avalanche Studios was a little coy at the time about what Generation Zero entails. They’ve just dropped the first gameplay trailer though, offering us a deeper look at what to expect from this co-op, open-world first-person shooter.

First and foremost, the biggest surprise is that Generation Zero is, well, a first-person shooter. The original reveal trailer made Gen Zero look for all the world like a third-person shooter, and Avalanche has basically made its name off the back of Just Cause’s third-person action.

The second interesting little tidbit is Generation Zero is being developed on the Apex Engine. This is a new game engine created in-house at Avalanche for the purpose of Just Cause 4. It’s obviously suited to massive open-worlds, but we’ve seen with Just Cause 4 that it’s incredibly adept at physics simulation, including dynamic weather systems and wind effects.

While the gameplay show here is painfully slow, this is like just for demo purposes rather than an insight at the final game. Still, what’s here actually looks hugely promising. We know Avalanche love sandboxes and it appears as if Generation Zero will have plenty of systems-based gameplay and situations dynamically unfolding.

Avalanche Studios has said a closed beta for Generation Zero will be taking place this fall, you can sign up for that on the official site.

Generation Zero will be coming on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2019.