Maverick, the second new Operator coming to Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Grim Sky, has been revealed.

Erik ‘Maverick’ Thorn’s an Attacker armed with a fairly rudimentary but nifty-sounding gadget - a blowtorch. With this, Maverick can cut through metal reinforced walls to make murder holes or new entry points. All signs point to him being a three-speed Operator who will excel at leading from the front.

“It takes someone with exceptional intelligence, a deep understanding of human behavior, and high adaptability to one’s environment to do what he does. The one person who still does it best is Erik “Maverick” Thorn," says Ubisoft.

It’s going to be interesting to see just what limits there are to Maverick’s ability, such as how often and how long the blowtorch can be used for. On the surface, it sounds pretty OP and a fairly brutal counter to Mute’s jamming devices. It’s also unclear just what counter there could be to such an ability besides it probably taking a risky amount of time to use.

Maverick is going to be fully revealed during the finals of the Rainbow Six Major in Paris, which starts today and runs through until August 19th.