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Dontnod has posted a full reveal for Life is Strange 2, its episodic sequel featuring an entirely new cast of characters, this time trekking across the United States after a horrific inside flips their lives inside out.

Sean and Daniel Diaz are the stars of the show this time around. Chloe and Max fans, hold back those tears. As the names can clue you in on, Sean and Daniel are brothers, joining forces for what appears to be a classic coming of age tale.

There’s a slight worry that Dontnod could be playing it safe with Life is Strange 2. On the surface at least this appears to be quite a by-the-numbers road movie setup. Sean and Daniel are on the run from the cops and facing the threat of potentially being separated from one another. Cue out of control superpowers and what’s sure to be quite the emotional trip down the west coast of America.

A slight word of warning for those not wanting to be spoiled - the first trailer is a cinematic trailer for the entire season, while the second is a 20-minute in-depth look at the opening portion of Life is Strange 2’s first episode. If you want to go in as fresh as possible then I’d probably suggest skipping the second trailer.

Life is Strange 2’s first episode is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 27th.