After an inauspicious start, Battlefield V is slowly beginning to look more and more impressive. A new Gamescom 2018 trailer for Battlefield V has dropped, this time delving into The Company.

The Company is the collection of soldiers and vehicles available to the player. Each can be customised with different outfits, classes, and weapons, with one Company available to the player per faction.

Each class in Battlefield V can also be further specialised through leveling up. This allows an assault player to specialise in shotgun skills, for example, trading off heavier damage-dealing buckshot versus greater long-range accuracy.

I’m really hopeful that DICE is making some wholesale changes compared to Battlefield 1. Teamwork, playing the objective, and opportunities for mischief have increasingly fallen by the wayside as DICE attempted to make a game as clinically balanced as possible, even going so far as to throw a pity-fuelled Behemoth onto the side of a losing team. It’s time for the series to get back to basics and promote teamwork and skilled vehicle use alongside dedicated combat roles. On the surface, it appears DICE is making plenty of positive moves, although we’re itching to get hands-on and see for ourselves.

Just in case you missed it as well, EA also announced a Battlefield V open beta that’s due to take place in September. It’s going to be open to everyone, although anyone who pre-orders Battlefield V or is a member of Origin Access Premier, Origin Access Basic, or EA Access will be able to start playing two days earlier.

The Battlefield V open beta starts of September 4th for early access users, while everyone else will be able to hop in from September 6th. EA hasn’t said when the beta test will end, although it’ll presumably run through until Sunday, 9th September or Monday, 10th September.

Battlefield V is out on October 19th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.