Gamescom 2018 - 9 Minutes of Rage 2 Gameplay Footage Revealed

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sat, Aug 25, 2018 9:52 AM
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There’s been a lot going on this last week, what with the reveal of Nvidia’s next-gen gaming graphics cards and of course Gamescom 2018. So you’ll just have to forgive me for totally overlooking a brand spanking, blood-soaked new Rage 2 gameplay that dropped in midweek.

The new footage is probably slightly familiar ground for those who’ve been keeping up with the happenings of Rage 2, showing the same Eden Space Centre mission we saw a few weeks back. This time it’s direct-feed gameplay though, complete with a UI so we can get a pick at how skill and weapon management works.

It’s looking very decent, there’s no denying it. Absolute braindead of course, but a rollicking time all the same.

Rage 2 is wing-sticking its way to a launch in Spring 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If I was Bethesda, I’d be aiming to give Doom Eternal a wide berth though, as I can imagine it eating Rage 2's lunch in a big way.

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13:38 Aug-25-2018

It hurts me every time when he shoots he doesn't aim.
After a heavy fight the guy talks normally like nothing really happened.
Also he uses overdrive when it is not necessary.

20:40 Aug-25-2018

Yeah you can tell that the person is either really bad at the game or he's using a controller. Sad days when they can't find someone that knows how to aim a gun in a game.

02:02 Aug-27-2018

it was just a demonstration by the way.


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