Never ones to be left, Nvidia has followed in the footsteps of AMD with its own new graphics card driver release. The GeForce 399.07 WHQL GPU driver adds in day one Game Ready support for the upcoming Battlefield V Open Beta, F1 2018, Immortal: Unchained, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, Strange Brigade, and Switchblade.

The latter is a new one to me but the other games are all fairly hefty releases that are either out or due out within a few days. Battlefield V, in particular, is a game that’s going to benefit from improved driver support, while early impressions of F1 2018 suggest users could benefit from all the FPS boosts they can get their driving gloves on. Suffice to say, if you’re planning on picking up any of the above games, the GeForce 399.07 driver should be your friend.

Other little goodies packed into the driver release include a fix for temporal anti-aliasing in Rainbow Six Siege which was causing the screen to be blurry, as well as missing textures while using GeForce 600 and 700-series Kepler GPUs with Doom while running the Vulkan graphics API.

GeForce 399.07 GPU Driver Fixed Issues

  • [Rainbow Six Siege]: TAA at 100% causes screen to be blurry when not moving in after driver update.
  • [Notebook][MSHybrid]: Fixed diagonal tearing by using win7-blit model.
  • [GeForce GTX 1050/1070]: OpenGL driver does not release the rendering context correctly.
  • [Oculus]: Blue-screen crash occurs when using Oculus VR software.
  • [Geforce 600/700 series Kepler GPUs][Doom (2016)]: Missing textures when using Vulkan API.
  • [LA Noire VR]: Stability issues occur when running LA Noire VR.
  • [Call of Duty Black Ops 4]: Stuttering and performance issues occur for some game configurations.
  • [G-SYNC]: Windowed G-Sync mode may stutter after upgrading to Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

GeForce 399.07 Open Issues

  • [SLI][Battlefield 1][HDR][DirectX 12] : The game stops responding when trying to enter any multiplayer game or single player mission with HDR and SLI enabled.
  • [SLI][Immortal: Unchanged]GFE Freestyle]:Some objects render incorrectly over the sticker when using the Freestyle Sticker filter.
  • NVIDIA graphics driver may not install correctly on certain Core 2 Duo/Quad systems.
  • [GeForce GTX 1060]AV receiver switches to 2-channel stereo mode after 5 seconds of audio idle.
  • [Firefox]: Cursor shows brief corruption when hovering on certain links in Firefox.
  • Random DPC watchdog violation errors occur when using multiple GPUs on motherboards with PLX chips.
  • Using power monitoring in GPU monitor tools causes micro stutter.

You know the drill by now - the GeForce 399.07 driver can be downloaded directly from Nvidia here, or simply auto-updated through your current GeForce Experience installation.