Following hot on the footsteps of reports of low Battlefield V pre-order numbers, a rumour has emerged that EA has big plans in place should the initial sales disappoint. This includes making Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale mode free-to-play, as well as bundling in a full remaster of the beloved Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

OK, we’re heading down the rabbit hole with this one. The information surfaced during the latest episode of the Giant Bombcast. The Giant Bomb team was contacted by the same anonymous tipster who gave Giant Bomb info on all of EA’s plans for E3, which they claim was good info and “proved to be accurate”. Now they’re back with another inside scoop, this time concerning the EA’s plans for Battlefield V.

According to the leaker, EA has a number of contingency plans in place should Battlefield V not quite hit in the way it’s hoping. Despite these plans, it appears as if Battlefield V is still on track to do just fine. Pre-orders for BF5 are already greater than Titanfall 2’s pre-orders and entire week one sales, so it’s certainly not going to flop on quite the same scale.

“EA isn’t going to let the game underperform too drastically,” reads the anonymous email. “For one, it could make Battlefield V’s battle royale mode free-to-play with bonuses for people who own Battlefield V to make up the revenue difference. But it is also considering including something huge as part of its post-release content if it needs to boost sales of Battlefield V. That would be a remastered version of Bad Company 2, a la the Modern Warfare remaster that Activision bundled with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.”

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann chimes in, saying “I did hear some ideas like that being kicked around, but I wasn’t sure of the context. So I guess that makes sense.”

If true then this could certainly prove a tremendous boost to Battlefield V’s popularity. Not only is battle royale the hot stuff right now, but going F2P would allow it to compete directly with Fortnite. Secondly, Bad Company 2 is one of the most well-regarded Battlefield titles in the series’ history. Including both WW2 and modern combat in the same game would be a win/win for fans, although the likelihood of it being free is probably going to come down to whether Battlefield V is a sales hit or not.

In regards to those sales, Giant Bomb also throws doubts over the reports of disappointing pre-order numbers. They suggest this is based largely off of Amazon data, where the game isn’t even available to pre-order right now. Battlefield 5 isn’t even top when searching for the game on Amazon. The Xbox One listing is in third, while the PS4 version is all the way down in 11th place. It simply says ‘Currently unavailable’, which would certainly explain why pre-order numbers are tiny in comparison to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

What are your thoughts on this then, could the inclusion of a Bad Company 2 remaster sway you to pick up Battlefield V? Or would the battle royale mode going F2P give you the perfect reason not to pay for the base game? Let us know your plans below!


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