There’s been quite a rumour circulating over the past day that Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 5 had been spotted in the Unreal Engine 4 database. There’s a list of supported platforms in UE4, which includes the usual suspects like the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and PC, but also a curious new platform dubbed ‘Erebus’.

Erebus is the God of Darkness in Greek Mythology, and after previous PlayStation consoles feature similar mythological code names such as Morpheus, Orbis and Neo, internet sleuths put 2 + 2 together and came up with 5.

Developers even weighed in and said it appeared likely this was alluding to the PlayStation 5. There was evidence in the code base this ‘Erebus’ platform would support cross-platform play, while the codename hinted at a potentially secret device.

Well, an Epic developer has put all those rumours to bed. Arjan Brussee, project lead on Fortnite for Switch and Android, has confirmed that Erebus is merely referring to the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite.

"FYI references to 'Erebus' in UE4 code only refer to the codename for the Switch version of Fortnite before we announced it," said Brussee on Twitter.

Quite a timid end to what was shaping up to be an interesting tale, I’m sure you’ll agree. Who knows though, maybe Epic is still throwing a red herring our way.

For now, rumours of the PlayStation 5 are on the backburner once again. It’s going to happen eventually of course, although with the current PS4 not even being five-years-old yet we wouldn’t expect to hear about a potential PS5 until late 2019 at the earliest.