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Warhorse has dropped a trailer for yet another upcoming expansion to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, its historical RPG. Amorous Adventures is, unsurprisingly, about carnal delights and misadventures in love.

“Are you ready for a new adventure?,” says Warhorse Studios. “Hans Capon is in love and he needs your guidance! Help Hans to gain the heart of beautiful Karolina. However, things turn out to be trickier than expected. A lost family jewel, a magic love potion and the most romantic poem of all promise many hours of new fun moments in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.”

Amorous Adventures promises to be quite the caper, showing a more playful side to Kingdom Come: Deliverance than we’ve come to expect from its usually sombre nature.

On top of the DLC, Warhorse is also adding the Rattay Combat Tournament is a free new addition. Players can step into the arena during a grand tournament and test their fighting prowess in order to get some hard-earned gold and unique armour parts.

Both of these updates are coming to Kingdom Come: Deliverance in early fall 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.