Just Cause 4
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Avalanche Studios has revealed the full world map for Just Cause 4. Surprise, surprise, it’s a biggie alright.  

Just Cause 4 is set on the island of Solis, a fictional South American country that’s home to four distinct biomes. There’s an arid area to the top left, lush jungles to the right, verdant grasslands down the south, and the perilous heights of the snowy mountains in the centre.

As we’ve come to expect from the Just Cause series, Solis is looking ludicrously massive. Walking across it would probably take yonks. Thankfully, Rico Rodriguez will have his trust wingsuit once again, as well as the ability to hijack any vehicle he can lay his hands on.

One of the biggest new features for Just Cause 4 is the extreme weather systems. The Apex game engine can realistically render wind effects, including gigantic tornadoes that tear up everything in their path. On the map we can see that weather systems are going to be tracked, warning players of areas to avoid, or potentially using the extreme weather to your advantage.

Just Cause 4 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 4th.