DICE has revealed a few tantalising new details on Battlefield V during an extensive new gameplay trailer, running through the Battle Royale mode, taking a look at single-player War Stories, post-launch support, and ongoing live events.

First and foremost, BF5’s Battle Royale mode is now officially called Firestorm. It’s a little bit smaller than its competitors though, offering up a 64-player battle to the death, compared to 100 in Fortnite and PUBG. From the sounds of things, there’s no solo play either; Firestorm will be composed of 16 squads of four players, each battling to be the last team alive within an ever-shrinking map. DICE is promising it’s going to be set within the largest Battlefield map ever, filled with destructible buildings, weapons, and vehicles.

A lot of what’s in the new trailer are bits and bobs we’ve already been shown before, although there are a few peeks at new maps, as well as a better understanding of War Stories. Battlefield V is going to launch with four unique War Stories, with fifth post-launch chapter also due to arrive.

The running theme throughout the trailer is the lack of a Premium Pass for Battlefield V. all players going to get free access to all maps and modes, and post-launch support will come in the form of Tides of War. These will be multi-month chapters with daily, weekly, and season-long events and challenges, as well as introducing new multiplayer maps.

Battlefield V’s open beta starts of September 6th, while the final game is due to launch on November 20th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.