V-Rally 4
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A launch trailer for V-Rally 4 has been dropped by Bigben and Kyltonn Racing Games, heralding the arrival of the first new game in the rally-racing series for 16 years. V-Rally 4 is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC release due to follow a couple of weeks later.

V-Rally 4’s Career mode is promised to be an extensive tour of the world spanning 22 environments across six territories - Monument Valley, Sequoia Park, Safari, Japan, Siberia, Malaysia.

The career mode is clearly where Kylotonn sees the bulk of the game existing. Players will have to win races, obviously, unlocking new vehicles, upgrading them, and even recruiting agents, mechanics, and engineers to help push your racing capabilities to their limits. Players are free to specialise in a single discipline or take on all of the race types right from the start.

We will have a review for you shortly, just as soon as Jon gets around to wrapping it up. Unfortunately, it'll be the PS4 version reviewed as there are a few extra weeks to wait until the September 25th PC release.