Despite sharing one universal rule, laptops come in all different shapes and sizes, and for a whole lot of uses. Hopefully, they do all fit on your lap, although some of the larger gaming laptops probably have some folks’ manhood screaming for cover.

As for what we look for in a laptop, this is going to vary massively depending on our needs, whether that’s gaming, work, some light web browsing, or a sordid evening on ChatRoulette.

For some, a laptop is where they’ll do literally all their gaming. Only a few years ago, gaming laptops were massively underpowered. These days they’re extremely comparable to desktop PCs, albeit with a more sobering price point. That’s the trade-off though for being able to game where you want, when you want.

For others, a laptop is nothing more than a glorified browsing device. Good for going on the net, but unthinkable as a gaming device. For the price of a gaming laptop, you could arguably pick up a decently-specced desktop PC and a budget netbook, making for a strong combination.

Once the use case has been sorted it out though, this opens up a whole different kettle of fish - quality. Believe it or not, there are Chromebooks which cost upwards of $1000. Their entire function is run a Chrome web browser, and that’s it. You’re paying for the build quality, for good audio, and for a vibrant, high-definition display. No one wants a laptop with a shoddy keyboard, although somehow, somewhere, people are actively buying laptops with those weird nubs on them. There’s no helping some people, there really isn’t.

You’re also paying for size. A high-spec laptop in a tiny chassis is going to end up disproportionately expensive and probably pumps out enough heat to fry an egg.

Basically, there’s a whole lot to contemplate, particularly when there’s a considerable cost involved. Even the cheapest laptops aren’t just bought with throw away cash, they’ll still set you back the cost of a pretty decent graphics card.

So over to you now then, what do you look for in a laptop? Do you even own a laptop at all? Have you found yourself using laptops less with the rise of smartphones? Let us know!

Our Favorite Comments
"Being a laptop gamer, I would say other than Performance & Value one should also look at cooling system if you want to game on it for more than 2-3 years. If a new laptop crosses 90C (CPU or GPU), it will throttle after 3 years or so."
"Performance will always be #1 for me and #2 is portability, i want something i can bring anywhere so i could work anywhere, and probably play on it too."
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